Magis Lost Floor Lamp
  • Magis Lost Floor Lamp

Magis Lost Floor Lamp

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The circle, an archetypal elementary geometric shape, marks the boundaries of the empty space that characterizes the Lost lamp.‎ As if sucked into a black hole, every subjective style and technical aspect disappears, leaving in their wake only the silence of the central void.‎ Surrounded by its refined, consistent light, which makes it suitable for any setting,

Lost is a neutral lamp with a strong identity, whose distinctive feature is essentialism.‎ The main characteristic of LOST lamps, the void inside a circular 2 cm thick light source able to emit more than 4000 lumen, lies in the special flexible support onto which 1400 LED lights have been assembled.‎

This technology has allowed continuous, even uniform light to be created along the lamp’s entire external perimeter, which can also be dimmed.‎ The table version, instead, features the use of a proximity sensor, which exploits the electromagnetic capacitance of the human body, making it possible for the user to control the light by interacting with the central void.‎ By inserting a hand inside the circle in fact the light can be switched on or off or dimmed, without there being a single sensor or button in sight.‎


Base in painted die-cast aluminium. Stemp in painted steel tube. Light source included: 252 Mid Power Led 3000K CRI90 1200 Lm power 9W.

Touch switch with dimmer function.

Power supply included.

Cable length: 2m

Size Description

Height 111cm, Height 140cm

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