Driade Regnard 2 Vase
  • Driade Regnard 2 Vase
  • Driade Regnard 2 Vase

Driade Regnard 2 Vase

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Driade Regnard 2 Vase by Linde Burkhardt, designed in 2002 for Driade. Linde Burkhardt uses several different types of media to explore her visual art. the Eegnard vases are a simple shape that is built with a repetition of forms making a tube-like structure. made of ceramic, white with black decoration.



Size Description

Diameter 9.5cm( 3.7" )
Height 31.5cm (12.4")

  • Linde Burkhardt

    Linde Burkhardt. After studying art in Zurich, Berlin and Hamburg, Linde Burkhardt now divides her time between Germany, France and Italy, assimilating the ideas and atmospheres of the places she lives and works in. As well as being an architecture and design critic, she teaches, paints and designs, and organises exhibitions. One of her abiding interests is the influence that objects and places have on people. In Hamburg she helped to create public-space environments and founded the Urbane Design group.
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