Qeeboo Vase Oggian Mister Mouse
  • Qeeboo Vase Oggian Mister Mouse

Qeeboo Vase Oggian Mister Mouse

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These vases, characterized by animal, human or plant shaped figures and primary, vivid colours create a family of ceramic products that together constitute a figurative landscape which represent at best the designer’s fictional vision. Red Palm will turn heads just by placing it on any house table or shelf.



Size Description

28 X 8 X 30cm
Weight 1.8kg

  • Marco Oggian

    <p>Born (1990, Venezia) and raised in Italy, but currently residing in Spain, Marco Oggian is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. Always using simple shapes and bright colors to highlight critical, controversial and social issues, his prints have featured prominently in many iconic moments in recent years. Marco ranges from digital to physical creation, having created artifacts for some of the most important brands and museums in the world. He has a democratic artistic vision, his greatest interest is that his art can reach anyone, regardless of social or cultural rank.</p>
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