By Lassen Saxe Chair
  • By Lassen Saxe Chair
  • By Lassen Saxe Chair
  • By Lassen Saxe Chair
  • By Lassen Saxe Chair
  • By Lassen Saxe Chair

By Lassen Saxe Chair

Availability if not in stock 2 to 3 weeks.
Wood/Leather: *
  • Soap Treated Oak /Natural Leather
  • Black Stained Oak/Black Leather
  • Oiled Oak/Black Leather rown Leather
SAXE Hang Up: *
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Mogens Lassen was perceived as ‘the naughty boy in class’, but he aimed for perfection in each design project. His eye for detail, leaving nothing unnoticed, and his will to try out new methods are clearly seen in this characteristic and timeless chair. It is contemporary proof of his habit of pushing the boundaries of materials and what was comme il faut.

The seat, manufactured in core leather, truly reaches the limits of how big pieces of leather can be and are enhanced by the moulded, yet massive wooden legs. In the middle of the 20th century, this technique was still in its early years. The beautiful fittings work almost as a piece of jewellery on the chair and clearly illustrate how only the finest materials were selected. Mogens Lassen’s Saxe chair is a classic example of aesthetics and functionality enhancing one another.


Material , Leather, Wood

Size Description

Height 84.00
Length 67.00
Width 60.00
Weight 13.00

  • Mogens Lassen

    Having trained as a bricklayer in 1919-23, Mogens Lassen was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' School of Architecture, but also trained at a number of drawing offices with, among others, Danish architect Tyge Hvass in 1925-34. A trip to Paris in 1927-28 sparked Lassen's interest in Le Corbusier's ideas about the home as a tool for a freer lifestyle. Introducing mezzanine floors in high-ceilinged rooms, for example, offered one way to free the home from the constraints of habitual thinking. Applying a similar, experimental approach, Lassen designed homes where both function as well as the daylight flooding in through the windows shaped the rooms, and where outdoor spaces were just as carefully designed as the interiors.
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