By Lassen ML42 Bar Stool
  • By Lassen ML42 Bar Stool
  • By Lassen ML42 Bar Stool
  • By Lassen ML42 Bar Stool
  • By Lassen ML42 Bar Stool
  • By Lassen ML42 Bar Stool

By Lassen ML42 Bar Stool

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Finish: *
  • Black stained beech/ Brass
  • Black stained beech/ Steel
  • Oak /Steel
  • Oak/Brass
  • Brown Oil Oak/Steel
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In 1942 Mogens Lassen designed the Stool ML42 as a piece for a furniture exhibition held at the Danish Museum of Decorative Art. He took inspiration from the stools used by the shoemakers of the past, and transferred the light, elegant look to the creation of this sculptural three-legged stool.

The Stool ML42 is still manufactured in Denmark to this day with a focus on quality and Danish craftsmanship, and is considered a collector’s item by international design connoisseurs.


Design: Mogens Lassen 1942 Material: Oak, beech, steel, brass

Size Description

Height: 80 cm Seat height: 77 cm Seat height: 77 cm Leg width: 55,5 cm 

  • Mogens Lassen

    Having trained as a bricklayer in 1919-23, Mogens Lassen was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' School of Architecture, but also trained at a number of drawing offices with, among others, Danish architect Tyge Hvass in 1925-34. A trip to Paris in 1927-28 sparked Lassen's interest in Le Corbusier's ideas about the home as a tool for a freer lifestyle. Introducing mezzanine floors in high-ceilinged rooms, for example, offered one way to free the home from the constraints of habitual thinking. Applying a similar, experimental approach, Lassen designed homes where both function as well as the daylight flooding in through the windows shaped the rooms, and where outdoor spaces were just as carefully designed as the interiors.
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