Zieta Silex Mirror
  • Zieta Silex Mirror
  • Zieta Silex Mirror
  • Zieta Silex Mirror

Zieta Silex Mirror

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  • White Matt
  • Polished Inox
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Silex is a sculptural object referring to the archetypal form of the mirror – oval with a decorative frame. At the same time, it is a tribute to the first mirrors, which were also made of a polished piece of metal.

Silex is a mirror pane enclosed in a modern frame whose perfectly polished surface resembles glass. Although both the abstract frame and the pane are made of steel sheet, they differ significantly in the degree of expression. A flat, smooth, oval surface is surrounded by an irregularly shaped frame filled with compressed air. Such a combination of a two-dimensional smooth form with the irregular shape of the frame made in the FiDU technology emphasizes the truth of the material with which Oskar Zięta works.

The abstract shape of Silex, reminiscent of a broken piece of flint – the original tool for starting a fire – is motivated by the desire to emphasize the distortions that appear on the metal surface during the volumetric expansion process. When the two-dimensional form acquires the third dimension, steel begins to live its own life, dependent and independent of the designer at the same time


Polished Inox or White Matt (Carbon Steel)

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Size Description

Height : 124 cm
Width: 75 cm
Depth: 6 cm

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