&Tradition Shuffle Table
  • &Tradition Shuffle Table Spetrum
  • &Tradition Shuffle Table Spetrum
  • &Tradition Shuffle Table Spetrum
  • &Tradition Shuffle Table

&Tradition Shuffle Table

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&Tradition Shuffle Table Spectrum Mia Hamborg gives new life to the old Nordic craft tradition of turning wood by adding the colour and playful forms from old painted wooden toys.

  •  It’s up to you where you want to put this fine piece of furniture and being truly Nordic and democratic, you can even decide the form, colours and height of the table. & this fine table has one function more important than all others: To create joy.

Lacquered MDF, solid oak & beech.

Size Description

Diameter 45 cm
Height 69 cm

  • Mia Hamborg

    Norwegian designer Mia Hamborg has a passion for order, functionality and colour. With her joyous and playful furniture she continues an old Nordic tradition for wood turning and brings new life into the material. She compliments designer Sir Terence Conran for his acknowledgment that modern people often live with limited space and therefore making storage a design issue. She doesn’t follow any strict design tradition, but the joy of life is definitely her inspiration.
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