• &Tradition Journey SHY1
  • &Tradition Journey SHY1
  • &Tradition Journey SHY1
  • &Tradition Journey SHY1
  • &Tradition Journey SHY1
  • &Tradition Journey SHY1
  • &Tradition Journey SHY1
  • &Tradition Journey SHY1

&Tradition Journey SHY1 Lamp

Availability if not in stock approximate 3 to 4 weeks
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  • Clay
  • Black
  • Silk Grey
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The Journey lamp is a lovely merging of two classic geometric shapes, the sphere and the rectangle. The round, opal glass shade is reminiscent of the moon, with a new dimmer feature to enhance your mood and sense of well-being.

Journey is both a table lamp and a wall lamp, with subtle colour combinations that make it easy to place anywhere.

There is the mirrored chrome base with a chrome dimmer for a monochromatic look. A matt black base with a brass dimmer. And a clay-toned base with a brass dimmer. Whether the moon is full or not, the intention is for you to enjoy the design and all the moods you can create.


.Mouth-blown opal glass and steel

Colours Mirror polishing, Black, Clay

Technical specs 4,8 Watt LED. The luminaire is energy class:A++-A.

The built-in LED module cannot be replaced in this luminaire.

Size Description

L: 26cm/10.2in

W: 18cm/7in

 H: 24cm/9.4in

  • Signe Hytte

    Born 1985, lives and works in Copenhagen The essence of my work is simplicity. I aim to create functional objects that can be of everyday use. I design honest solutions, both in terms of construction, materials and aesthetics. Reducing a piece to its core is - to me - the most challenging and difficult aspect of designing, but also the most rewarding. Current clients are: MENU; NEW WORKS, WOUD I graduated from the Design + Business school TEKO in 2012 and have also studied Aesthetics and Culture at the University of Aarhus. Along with my own company, I currently work at &tradition
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