Marset The W Light
  • Marset The W Light

Marset The W Light

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Unfold the light or fold it. The latest from PerezOchando is a flexible, large-format lamp designed to adapt to the different lighting requirements in large spaces. A large black vertical structure is the main shaft from which a number of rods emerge; some can be moved upwards to expand the light and others downwards to focus it. The rods all have a suspended spotlight that projects the light downwards or in a large, sharp beam. Th

e cylindrical spotlights – with an inner ring that comes in ivory, terracotta or gold – spread the light evenly. This decorative light, with an extremely graphic profile that’s easy to outline, takes its inspiration from an old-fashioned winding machine: used to wind thread or wire around an axis and form a ball. Designers Pedro Ochando and Claudia Pérez have no interest in the machine’s function, rather in its shape, which enables vertical movement with a horizontal effect. A light, sober and functional design with great presence that can change shape, opening to extend the light up to a diameter of 2 metres for large spaces, or folding up to 1.2 metres in diameter to focus on a smaller area.

The designers say that standing under the open lamp feels like being below a dome of light. The key feature is that, whatever its size, it always provides exceptional ambient lighting.


Available in black metal, with several spotlights that include an inner ring in terracotta, ivory, or gold finishes. This lamp can extend from 1,2 to 2 meters in diameter.

This product is CE approved only and should only be used in countries that follow and accept this standard. If it is used elsewhere it will be at the customer's sole risk, responsibility and liability.

Size Description

Height: 34-70 cm; Diameter: 120-200 cm

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