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Kay Bojesen Bear Reworked Small

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In 2022 the Bear turns 70 years. We celebrate the anniversary with The Reworked Bears, that has a 70th anniversary stamp on the paw and comes in a special wooden anniversary box in a limited number. The Small bear measures 14,5 cm and is true Kay Bojesens original design. With a sustainable aspect the Reworked Bear celebrates the design history, as well as acknowledging the environmental responsibility in craftsmanship and design. In the production of the Bear only residual wood is used, and each and every Bear will look different depending on the wood that is available the day they are made.

They are made by hand with care and attention using the same methods as in 1952 when the friendly Bear met the world with open arms. Kay Bojesen was inspired by a cob named Ursula in the Copenhagen Zoo that was too little to live with the older bears in the cage.

Therefore, the cob stayed with the Zoo manager until it was big enough to live with the grown-up bears. Using upcycled wood the iconic design by Kay Bojesen is interpreted in a new and modern way that reflects the time we live in.

Design heritage, wood, and innovation come together and make the Reworked Bear a true collector’s item with a very special story. The variety of wood creates a unique look and brings out the iconic design of the Bear in new and surprising ways.


Residual wood

Size Description

Depth 6,5 cm
Width 19,5 cm
Height 19 cm

  • Kay Bojesen

    Kay Bojesen (1886-1958) is one of the most important pioneers of Danish design. Trained as a silversmith at the Georg Jensen workshop, he designed several products in silver, such as cutlery and serving dishes, including his famous Grand Prix cutlery. Kay Bojesen worked with other materials as well and explored in particular the possibilities offered by wood.
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