Gubi Model 597 Table Lamp
  • Gubi Model 597 Table Lamp
  • Gubi Model 597 Table Lamp

Gubi Model 597 Table Lamp

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First released in 1961, the Model 597 by Italian virtuoso Gianfranco Frattini is the lamp that launched him as a lighting designer. Its unique and playful form perfectly encapsulates Frattini’s extraordinary approach to the aesthetics of light. Model 597’s unique nylon fringes were inspired by both the world of fashion and the fringed entrance curtains commonly found in Italy’s bars and grocery stores in the late 1950s.

Thanks to the array of lateral bulbs, the Table Lamps emit a 360o play of indirect light, softened by the fringes to create a rich ambient glow, while the reflective aluminum cover adds warmth to the uplight.Model 597 is light-hearted in expression, but serious about functionality – bringing sophistication, fun and character to interiors without resorting to superfluous decorative flourishes.


Materials and finishes: Polished aluminum with viscose fringes.

5 x 4-6W E27 LED IP20 rated.

Size Description

Height: 29 cm x Diameter: 28 cm Top width: 26.5 cm.

Cord length: max. 250 cm

  • Gianfranco Frattini

    <p>From door handles and jewelry to homes and hotels, Gianfranco Frattini left an indelible mark on modern Italian design over the course of his 50-year career. Experienced at creating interiors for public spaces such as restaurants and nightclubs, he appreciated the importance of modulating light to create nuances within an interior – forming areas of both functional focus and warm, subtle radiance that contribute to the atmosphere and sense of place.</p> <p>When he died in his beloved Milan in 2004, Frattini left behind one of the richest and most varied legacies of any 20th-century designer, encompassing award-winning furniture – both indoor and outdoor – modern icons, and landmark interiors that shaped the taste of the era.</p>
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