Gubi 9209 Table Lamp

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One of the great industrial designers and metal craftsmen of the 20th century, Tynell came into the world at precisely the right time to become one of the pioneers of modern lighting; as the electric light spread across the world, so too did Tynell’s design visions. The 9209 has a distinctively shaped shade in spun brass that has led to it being referred to as the ‘Kypärä’ – the Finnish word for ‘helmet’.

Held in place by a curved brass arm, the individually molded shade is decorated with triangular patterns of perforation – a Tynell decorative signature – which requires a specialist punch tool and the utmost precision to achieve by hand. As well as guiding the light downward, thanks to the holes punched in the surface, the shade also allows pinpricks of light through, creating a soft, textured glow and a starlight-like sparkle.

The brass stem is hand-wrapped with lacquered rattan, creating a visual and textural contrast to the gleaming brass, while also allowing the lamp to be easily and comfortably moved around.



Lightbulb Socket:EU – E27 (Bulb not included)
Lumen Watt Recommended:470 Lumen (~ 4W-6W LED)

Size Description

Lamp Height:36,5 cm
Lamp Stand:Ø15,3 x 25,7 cm
Shade Dimension:Ø26 x 10 cm
Cord Length:200 cm

  • Paavo Tynell

    Lighting designer Paavo Tynell, “the man who illuminated Finland,” was one of the founders and chief designer of Taito Oy—the first industrial producer of lighting fixtures in Finland. With the innovation of electricity, Taito Oy and Tynell expanded the thinking and manufacturing of modern lighting solutions in Europe and abroad. His lighting designs varied from sconces, to desk and pendant lamps, to chandeliers. A master craftsmen himself, Tynell’s elegant brass designs were derivative of a traditional aesthetic with a modern sensibility. He also collaborated with some of the most celebrated Finnish architects of his day, such as Alvar Aalto and Eero Saarinen, working with them to incorporate artificial lighting into their modern environments. He is also known for his lighting design for the UN Secretary General’s office in New York.
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