Carl Hansen & Søn KK97170 Safari Stool
  • Carl Hansen & Søn KK97170 Safari Stool
  • Carl Hansen & Søn Safari
  • Carl Hansen & Søn Safari

Carl Hansen & Søn KK97170 Safari Footstool

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Material: *
  • Natural Canvas
  • Thor Leather 325
  • Thor Leather 332
  • Thor Leather 307
  • Thor Leather 300
  • Thor Leather 359
  • Thor Leather 301
  • Thor Leather 310
  • Thor Leather 306
  • Thor Leather 350
  • Thor Leather 390
  • Thor Leather 377
Cushion: *
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The KK97170 Safari Stool was designed by Kaare Klint’s son, Esben, after the death of his father. Easily assembled without tools, it is crafted to match the Safari Chair - one of the world’s first build-it-yourself furniture items. While offering a gentle place to rest one’s feet, it is also suited for a stylish life on the move.

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Structure in oil treated light or smoked ash. Seat, back and cushion in natural canvas or in leather, armrests in saddle leather.

Size Description

Width 57cm
Height 34cm
Depth 57cm



  • Kaare Klint

    Kaare Klint (1888-1954), the man behind classics such as the Safari Chair and the Faaborg Chair, is considered the father of Danish furniture design. For Kaare Klint, the son of architect Peder Vilhelm Jensen-Klint, exposure to architecture was a natural part of his early development. However, it was primarily as a furniture designer that Kaare Klint made his mark on Danish architecture. Kaare Klint was born in 1888 in Frederiksberg and designed his first furniture in 1914, for the Faaborg Museum. From the beginning, Klint's furniture was characterized by harmony between his choice of form and materials, often inspired by earlier styles or other cultures.
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