Carl Hansen & Søn Cuba Chair Paper Cord
  • Carl Hansen & Søn Cuba Chair Paper Cord
  • Carl Hansen & Søn Cuba Chair Paper Cord
  • Carl Hansen & Søn Cuba Chair Paper Cord

Carl Hansen & Søn Cuba Chair Paper Cord

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Morten Gøttler's simple and ingenious folding chair - the Cuba Chair - has been part of Carl Hansen & Søn's collection for a number of years. With the seat and back in paper cord, the new variant of the design comes with an even lighter and, at the same time, more refined expression. Designed in 1997, Morten Gøttler's elegant Cuba Chair is a good example of the Scandinavian design heritage and the careful balancing of clarity of form and function.

A NEW CLASSIC The chair, which after just a couple of decades has become a true classic, is now being introduced in a new variant with the seat and back in paper cord, giving the Cuba Chair an even lighter and more refined expression. Carl Hansen & Søn has a long tradition of working with paper cord, and it takes a skilled craftsman about eight hours to hand weave the back and seat of the Cuba Chair using a special technique that is beautiful on both sides.

As it comes into being, the Cuba Chair passes through more than 16 pairs of expert hands - all with a great passion for design and craftsmanship. The result is a unique folding chair of the most exquisite quality.


Paper cord, solid soaped oak

Size Description

Seating Height 39cm

  • Morten Gottler

    Danish architect Morten Gøttler was originally trained in shipping but became a self-taught designer recognized for his exceptional understanding of wood. Since opening his own design studio in 1972, Gøttler has worked with a wide range of designs - from packaging to toys to lighting - for Danish and international companies. In 1984 he decided to focus primarily on furniture design. Morten Gøttler's approach is rooted in the modern Scandinavian design tradition. He focuses on a clean, easy aesthetic that is simultaneously characterized by exquisite comfort, a close attention to detail, and high quality materials.
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