Carl Hansen & Søn CH88P Chair
  • Carl Hansen & Søn CH88P Chair
  • Carl Hansen & Søn CH88P Chair
  • Carl Hansen & Søn CH88P Chair
  • Carl Hansen & Søn CH88P Chair
  • Carl Hansen & Søn CH88P Chair
  • Carl Hansen & Søn CH88P Chair

Carl Hansen & Søn CH88P Chair Upholstered Leather Loke ( Group A)

Availability if not in stock approximate 6 to 9 weeks
Back Rest Color: *
  • Beech Soap
  • Beech Lacquer
  • Beech Oil
  • Oak Soap
  • Oak Lacquer
  • Oak Oil
  • Oak White Oil
Color Leather Seat (Loke, Group A) : *
  • Loke 7050
  • Loke 7060
  • Loke 7100
  • Loke 7110
  • Loke 7140
  • Loke 7150
  • Loke 7160
  • Loke 7170
  • Loke 7210
  • Loke 7240
  • Loke 7060
  • Loke 7270
  • Loke 7310
  • Loke 7732
  • Loke 7744
  • Loke 7748
  • Loke 7763
Frame: *
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To mark the 100th anniversary of Hans J. Wegners birth, Carl Hansen & Søn is launching Wegners CH88 chair - a 1955 design that has, to date, existed only as a prototype.

The CH88 is versatile both in terms of its appearance and usability thanks to its numerous finish, frame, and room placement options. Characteristically, the upper structure features a steam-bent wooden backrest for back support, with slight curvatures of the backrest's ends providing a natural resting place for the arms. The steel frame, with straight back legs, supports an oval-shaped wooden seat.

This blend of materials, combined with a minimalist design, results in a light, organic, industrial expression. And the new, stackable design offers a valuable benefit. The CH88 is available in beech, oak and smoked oak in a range of finishes.

The frame is available in stainless steel, chrome and powder coating in various colors, and the seat with optional leather or textile upholstery.

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Seat Flame retardant cold foam CMHR

Size Description

Width 57cm
Height 76,5cm
Seating Height 44.5cm
Depth 44.5cm


  • Hans J. Wegner

    As a driving force behind 'Danish Modern', Hans J. Wegner helped change the general public's view of furniture in the 1950s and 1960s. His passion for designing chairs, more than 500 of them, is recognized worldwide and reflected in his title 'the Master of the Chair'. He is famous for integrating perfectly executed joints with exquisite shapes and combining them with a constant curiosity for materials and deep respect for wood and its natural characteristics. His designs furnish minimalism with organic and natural softness. Hans J. Wegner was born in 1914 in Tønder in Southern Denmark, the son of a shoemaker. At the age of 17, he completed his apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker in the workshop of H. F. Stahlberg where his first designs saw the light of day. At the age of twenty he moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, to attend the School of Arts and Crafts, where he studied from 1936-1938 before embarking on a career as an architect.
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