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Audo Copenhagen Gridy Fungii Shelves Large

Designer: Gridy
Availability if not in stock 2 to 3 weeks.
Color: *
  • Black Oak
  • Dark Stained Oak
  • Light Oak
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The two Norwegian designers at Gridy strive to create simple and functional design with a strong personality. Objects that somehow interact with the user because the users recognize funny symbols, shapes or references.

We love them for their high quality, their inspiration from everyday life and the way they always manage to combine rational use with a nice dash of humour.

This goes for GRIDY FUNGI SHELVES as well. Beautiful shelves inspired by one of natures more whimsical features; the shelf fungus that grows horizontally out of trees in the woods.

Use Fungi Shelves besides the bed, as a decorative element in the living room, to display colourful spices in the kitchen or maybe as the extra shelf holding the back up light in the kids’ room. Choose between 3 different sizes – and bring the outdoors


Material: Black Ash
Color: Black, Dark Ash or Light Ash

Size Description

Large H 5cm, D 21cm, W 42cm

  • Gridy

    Design studio Gridy was established by two product designers, Wilhelm Grieg Teisner and Lars Olav Dybdal. Both studied at the Bergen Academy of Arts and Design. They created the name ‘Gridy’ by combining their surnames – Grieg and Dybdal. Now based in Oslo, Gridy create functional designs with a strong sense of individuality, which are often underpinned by an element of wit. In 2011, Gridys’s Spiff lighting design was selected as one of six ‘must see’ lamps exhibited at London’s 100% Design trade fair. The following year, the duo won the Stelton Meets Corian design competition with their Trix candlestick concept. The award-winning Spiff table lamp was added to our collection in 2012, making Flame Gridy’s second design for Northern Lighting.
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