Alessi Dry Table Knife

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Alessi Dry Table Knife by Achille Castiglioni, This table knife is part of one of the most popular Alessi's flatware. 

  • Designed by Achille Castiglioni for Alessi in 1982, dry was the first cutlery produced by alessi and is their bestseller. for many years, dry was alessi's only model of cutlery.
  • Despite the grim prospects forwarded by those in the sector ("there's no way a manufacturer can offer the market just one single model, you will never get anywhere!"), it proved that its innovative shape and resolute style, along with extreme manageability and an excellent finish, were much more important to the public then many old market prejudices.
  • Over the years, the dry model has opened up the road for various other cutlery sets.
  • Perfect for everyday or special occasions
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Mirror polished with satin handle or mirror polished stainless steel

Size Description

Length: 22.2 cm/ 9''

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