Stadler Form Oskar Filter Pack Humidifier

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Ensure optimum output of evaporative humidifiers (Oskar little, Oskar, Oskar big) Suitable for all Oskar models: Oskar little, Oskar and Oskar big Antibacterial treatment keeps the material clean and hygienic Highly efficient, manufactured from plant and textile fiber To keep efficiency stable, the filters should be replaced every two months.

Set of 4 filters.

Size Description

Height 22 cm (8.7″)
Width 17.5 cm (6.9″)
Deep 3.8 cm (1.5″)

  • Matti Walker

    Matti Walker from Zug, Switzerland, designed Max and Fred. He has been running his own studio for graphic art and design since 1991. Since his studies at the School of Heinrich Frieling, Matti has become and expert in colours, and he developed strong skills for 3 dimensional forms that are emotionally appealing.
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