Kay Bojesen Dog Black Oak, Limited Edition

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With its modern and minimalist look, it’s hard to believe that Bojesen's Dog 'Pind' turns 90 in 2024. Made by Kay Bojesen in 1934, it's further proof that Bojesen successfully created iconic designs that we never tire of looking at. In fact, the dog was one of the very first animals that Kay Bojesen created, and the round shapes, soft edges and smiling lines that became his signature are already evident in the Pind design.

The anniversary version of the Dog is made from dark-stained oak. From photos in the archive, you can see that Kay Bojesen actually made quite a few darker coloured dogs in his lifetime.

This made it all the more appropriate to revive Pind with dark 'fur' to mark the anniversary, where the dark stain adds a beautiful glow and warm look to the oak's vibrance and subtle interplay of tones. The small anniversary dog measures 18.5 cm and features a 90th anniversary logo. It will only be produced in 2024 for the anniversary celebration. Pind the Dog is a Danish design icon that set the tone for all Kay Bojesen’s work.

  • Kay Bojesen

    Kay Bojesen (1886-1958) is one of the most important pioneers of Danish design. Trained as a silversmith at the Georg Jensen workshop, he designed several products in silver, such as cutlery and serving dishes, including his famous Grand Prix cutlery. Kay Bojesen worked with other materials as well and explored in particular the possibilities offered by wood.
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