Architectmade Rufus Wooden Dog
  • Architectmade Rufus Wooden Dog
  • Architectmade Rufus Wooden Dog
  • Architectmade Rufus Wooden Dog
  • Architectmade Rufus Wooden Dog

Architectmade Rufus Wooden Dog (Big Oscar)

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His love of dogs prompted a young Hans Bølling to design Oscar in 1953. A timeless depiction of the four-legged creature, man’s best friend. Sixty-five years after the first Oscar figure was produced, the cherished dog is now relaunched as Rufus with the same technical details and clean lines. 

The moveable body parts enable Rufus to express himself as a real dog. When RUFUS is either alert with his pointed tail, sits with begging eyes or lies relaxed with his dark ears hanging down on both sides of his snout, onlookers are immediately carried back to their own childhood’s almost instinctive longing to get ‘my own dog’. 

Rufus is made from Beech and leather. So each model is unique and will only become more beautiful with time. So you will really have a friend for life. 



Hand made in beechwood.

Size Description

Height 33cm

  • Hans Bolling

    Hans B?lling was born in 1931 in a small town of Braband in Denmark, he attended an Art- and Handcraft School originally to become an advertising designer, however some years later he followed his passion for archi-tecture and graduated as an architect from the Royal Danish Art Academy. He designed a plethora of art works, ranging from dolls and furniture to villas, living complexes and town halls. The Duck came to life in the 1950s during the Bølling’s younger years, following the architect’s designs of flowers and weeds from the Botanical Garden. Here he decided to create small figures of ballerinas, trolls and musicians for his loved ones. Later, after winning an award he received a carpentry machine, which afforded him the opportunity to carve his beloved figures into wood. It is at this point during the Danish spring that the Duck, and later its offspring – the Duckling, were born.
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