Zieta Oko Mirror
  • Zieta Oko Mirror
  • Zieta Oko Mirror
  • Zieta Oko Mirror
  • Zieta Oko Mirror

Zieta Oko Mirror

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OKO mirror is an object that, thanks to its reflecting nature, plays with human perception and creates an impression of being an actively watching entity. It is a light-weighted sculpture inspired by organic liquid-like forms and resembles a huge droplet of silvery mercury. Hanging on the wall, it looks  like it was floating a few millimeters next to it, just like a water drop on the glass surface.

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Therefore, OKO could be the soul of the space in which it is located. Made of stainless polished steel, its smooth but creased surface diffuses the surrounding reality and reveals psycho-perceptual phenomena of the material. The world seen by OKO is a world of expressive deformations from another side of a sphere: uneasy, but also somehow romantic

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Stainless polished steel. 

Size Description

Diameter 36cm, 62cm or 75cm

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