Stelton Rescue Journal Bracelet
  • Stelton Rescue Journal Bracelet
  • Stelton Rescue Journal Bracelet
  • Stelton Rescue Journal Bracelet
  • Stelton Rescue Journal Bracelet

Stelton Children Rescue Journal Bracelet Blue

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  • Blue
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Stelton Rescue - Journal bracelet, A lifesaver with convincing style It can be difficult for doctors and nurses - especially when you are abroad - to gain quick access to your medical records or next of kin, in case of an accident or sudden illness.

  • With Rescue-Journal, Stelton now joins the effort to save lives and promote health.
  • The Rescue-Journal bracelet is made of incredibly strong and hypoallergenic TPE rubber, and closes easily with an aluminium capsule. Included in the price is a free, three-month subscription to an online journal where all your personal data is stored in one place.
  • You yourself provide all relevant information, and the records are automatically translated into a long list of languages.
  • Then you print a mini-journal that ncludes your most important information and provides access to your entire record on rescue
  • Just roll up the mini-journal and place it inside the bracelet's watertight aluminium capsule.
  • The capsule must be removed before the bracelet can be taken off. On the inside of the bracelet are the words: "EMERGENCY - CAPSULE CONTAINS MEDICAL DATA - ALARM".
  • The bracelet's mini-journal helps emergency personnel to quickly identify the person wearing the bracelet, and gives access to vital medical information in case an accident occurs and the bracelet wearer is not carrying any other identification.
  • The Rescue-Journal bracelet can make the difference between life and death.
  • As a gift, the Rescue-Journal bracelet sends a caring thought to people of any age group. It is for women and men, young and old, children and teens. Ideal for use while jogging or swimming, for summer holidays, on a trekking tour or during a gap year trip. But it is also perfect for anyone who wants extra security on hand, all the time.
  • After three months, wearers of the Rescue-Journal can extend their subscription to Rescue-Journal PRO. Extension and payment are made on The price for a one-year membership is DKK 139.00 / EUR 19.00 / £ 16.50 / $ 26.90
    • Not intended for children under three years - contains small parts.
    • Cool, clear colours, causing a stir, even if disaster strikes.
    • The capsule contains potentially lifesaving information.
    • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
    • For men, women, juniors and children.
    • For holidays, business trips, trekking, adventure or just for everyday use.
    • For all sports eg. skiing, sailing, climbing, swimming or hiking.
    • Rescue journal can contain information about particular essential medicines, chronic conditions, blood type, and allergies.




Made of TPE rubber and aluminum

Size Description

Length 17 cm (6.7″)
Designed - 2011
FDA approved

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