&Tradition The Moor Rug ap8
  • &Tradition The Moor Rug ap8
  • &Tradition The Moor Rug ap8
  • &Tradition The Moor Rug ap8
  • &Tradition The Moor Rug ap8
  • &Tradition The Moor Rug ap8
  • &Tradition The Moor Rug ap6/ap8
  • &Tradition The Moor Rug ap6/ap8

&Tradition The Moor Rug ap8

Designer: ATWTP
Availability if not in stock approximate 3 to 4 weeks
Color: *
  • Beige Dew
  • Golden Brown
  • Red Heather
  • Green Pine
  • Blue midnight
  • Blue-Grey Thunder
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The Moor Rugs are the second series of rugs designed by All The Way To Paris produced by &tradition

This time, ATWTP’s departure point came from the various shapes of gemstones. “We wanted to focus solely on the shapes, colours and textures – without any patterns,” notes Tanja Vibe and Petra Olsson Gendt, Founders and Partners at ATWTP.. “For us, a rug brings all the elements of a room togetherin harmony, creating a feeling of closeness.”  The result is a compelling sense of cohesion. Especially when you arrange all the rugs together as a cluster of gemstones. The rugs have a subtle shimmer to the surface to echo the qualities of a gemstone.


85% pure New Zealand wool, 15% viscose.

Size Description

300cm/118.1in x 300cm/118.1in


    ATWTP is a danish-swedish graphic designstudio based in Copenhagen. Founded in 2004 by Tanja Vibe and Petra Olsson Gendt. We work conceptually with visual communication in small and large scale. Elin Kinning joined ATWTP in 2006 and Matilde Rasmussen in 2008.
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