&Tradition In Between Chair SK1 Black Lacquered Oak
  • &Tradition In Between Chair SK1 Black Lacquered Oak
  • &Tradition In Between Chair SK1 Stained Black Ash
  • &Tradition In Between Chair SK1
  • &Tradition In Between Chair SK1

&Tradition In Between Chair SK1 Black Lacquered Oak Sale

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&Tradition In Between Chair SK1 by Sami Kallio.

  • Finnish designer Sami Kallio has designed the chair In Between for danish brand &tradition.
  • At first glance the chair resembles an iconic danish 1950′s chair, but giving it a second look, one realises that the chair is made from a mix of traditional craftmanship and innovative veneered techniques.
  • Made in ash and oak, In Between is an exercise in wood craftsmanship and uses two traditional techniques to achieve its form: compression moulding and woodturning.
  • As well as involving modern industrial manufacturing processes, there are also certain interventions made by the human hand – a nod to Kallio’s background and education as a joiner and his interest in traditional woodcraft.
  • Sami Kallio

    Sami Kallio (born 1975 in Helsinki, Finland) lives and works as a freelance designer in Gothenburg, Sweden. Kallio has said that his work combines the melancholy of the Finnish design heritage with the humour of the Swedish tradition. He graduated from the School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg in 2005. Kallio has taken part in numerous exhibitions, and the furniture collection called The Finnish Blood In Me that was presented in Stockholm Furniture fair in 2011 caught a lot of attention.
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