&Tradition Cruise Rug ap11/12
  • &Tradition Cruise Rug ap11/12
  • &Tradition Cruise Rug ap11/12
  • &Tradition Cruise Rug ap11/12

&Tradition Cruise Rug ap11/12

Availability if not in stock approximate 3 to 4 weeks
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  • Bombay golden Brown
  • Aden Desert Beige
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Crafted from high-quality wool with bamboo silk woven into it, the Cruise rug’s soft graphic identity is happy to play a supportive role to a room’s furnishings. It is available in two sizes and comes in two, travel-inspired colour tone options: Aden Desert Beige and Bombay Golden Brown.


Production process The rug is handloom-woven which is a production technique that produces a dense, soft and highly exclusive velvet-like expression.

The exclusivity is further enhanced by the discrete sheen in the material which is achieved by spinning a small amount of viscose into the woolen fibers.

Materials 77% Wool, 13% Viscose, Bamboo Silk 10%

Size Description

AP11 W: 240cm / 94.5in, L: 240cm / 94.5in.
Weight 24.5kg

Ap12 W: 200cm / 78.7in, L: 300cm / 118.1in
Weight 25kg

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