• Tonon Moon Chair 908.01

Tonon Moon Chair 908.01 Steel legs

Designer: Mac Stopa
Availability approximately 5 to 6 weeks.
Soft Touch:
  • White X01
  • Dark Grey X03
  • Red X05
  • Black X07
  • Sand X09
  • Yelllow X10
  • Mud X16
  • Olive Green X21
  • Petrol X23
Upholstered Stropiccio/Category 2 :
  • 2A2
  • 2A5
  • 2A1
  • 2B3
  • 2A3
  • 2A8
  • 2A4
  • 2A9
  • 2B1
  • 2B4
  • 2A7
  • 2A6
  • 2B2
Upholstered Nobili /Category 6:
  • 6B4
  • 6A1
  • 6A3
  • 6A7
  • 6A5
  • 6A4
  • 6B1
  • 6A8
  • 6A6
  • 6A2
  • 6B3
  • 6A9
  • 6B2
Upholstered Leather Polo/ Category 7:
  • P10
  • P47
  • P36
  • P18
  • P35
  • P56
  • P72
  • P26
  • P39
  • P23
  • P83
  • P54
  • P12
  • P32
  • P42
  • P24
  • P55
  • P58
  • P30
  • P31
  • P44
  • P25
  • P84
  • P60
Savanna, Category 9:
  • 968
  • 961
  • 964
  • 967
  • 974
Base: *
  • Black
  • Chrome
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For those who are enchanted by the beauty of the moon, in every phase. For those who have looked up at night with dreamy eyes, traveling with the mind to distant worlds. The moon, magnetic, has always been the subject of poems, stories and desires. And it is the Muse that inspired Mac Stopa to create the Moon chair. The sculptural form of the seat expresses the designer's passion for curved and organic lines.

Its shape is based on semicircular forms calling to mind the phases of the Moon. The sides of the seat of the chair extend into the armrests, forming a flexible suspended backrest that adjusts itself to the position of the body ensuring maximum comfort. The chair’s organically-shaped shell is made of a self-supporting frame injected with integral polyurethane "soft touch": a material with high quality standards that combines strength and softness.

The shell can be upholstered with different types of fabric and leather.


Armchair with upholstered polyurethane foam shell on 4-legged Matt Chrome or lacquered steel base.

Size Description

Height 86 cm 33.9"
Width 61 cm 24"
Depth 57 cm 22.4"
Seat Height 47 cm 18.5"
Weight 8 kg 17.64 lbs

  • Mac Stopa

    Mac Stopa is the founder, head-architect and designer of Design Massive, an awarded architecture studio specialized in interior design and decoration. Mac Stopa created corporate interiors and exclusive furniture for many multinational companies like Coca-Cola, Google, Ericsson, Motorola, GlaxoSmithKline, ING, Credit Suisse, Fortis Bank and Microsoft. Besides the corporate interiors, Mac Stopa is also known for the development of innovative products in the lighting sector and in the design furniture. His products are characterized by the combination of essential lines and unique shape but also of functionality and modern design
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