The Duck Duck Lamp Small
  • The Duck Duck Lamp Small
  • The Duck Duck Lamp Small
  • The Duck Duck Lamp
  • The Duck Duck Lamp

The Duck Duck Lamp Small

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The DUCK DUCK LAMP S is designed by Marke Newton and inspired by the iconic rubber duck for the bath tub. This mega giant variant as LED light is for kids and grown ups, because it will bring you the fun and cheerfull memories of bathing- and play time when you where younger.

DUCK DUCK S is more than just floorlighting. This iconic lamp is designed to use as much as you like, and often. To take it with you wherever you go. While you charge it, and afterwards use it wireless, you can take the DUCK DUCK by the handle and use it outdoors, even in the pool or pond! This lamp will bring many smiles while it brings brightness everywhere.

DUCK DUCK S comes with a charger with USB cable and a poweradapter with EU plug type C. Next to this you will have a remote controle that enables you to play with brightness and colours. It has an IPX 8 rating, which means that it is a quality lamp, it can handle water and you can use it for 8 hours at full light, even 12-16 hours when you dimm the light.

DUCK DUCK S is a quality product, made in Barcelona, to be used by consumers, on a camping side, at hotels, beachclub, holiday resorts, yeachts and every other place that can use a little humour!


Material: Polyethylene

Specifications: Chargeable lithium battery for LED Useable for: 40.000 uur Brightness: 90 lumen Charger UV proof Waterproof IPX8, floates on water Handle to carry around

Dimmable and colour changing by remote control Indoor & Outdoor Full Brightness 8 hours of light, dimmed 12-18 uur at 25% Charging 7 hours

1 year garanty

Size Description

Depth 23cm
Width 30cm
Height 30cm
Product weight 1,59kg


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