Rotaliana OpenEye W1 Wall Lamp
  • Rotaliana OpenEye W1 Wall Lamp
  • Rotaliana OpenEye W1 Wall Lamp
  • Rotaliana OpenEye W1 Wall Lamp

Rotaliana OpenEye W1 Wall Lamp

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Being integrated to the surfaces onto which it is installed, OpenEye is a luminous wall prosthesis whose inspiration can be found in modern architecture, in objects such as Le Corbusier's "canons à lumière", periscopes to capture the light. It is a lamp that provides diffused light; it can either be suspended from the ceiling or applied onto a wall, and it is perfect both indoors and outdoors.

The back (applied onto the wall) and body of the lamp are made of die cast aluminium alloy. The diffuser is made of multilenticular moulded glass. It is used with incandescent light bulbs or with energy saving fluorescent light bulbs. The bayonet mounting system that fixes the body of the lamp onto its back makes maintenance, or replacing the light bulb, an extremeli easy task. It comes in three colours: white, silver, and chrome.

Illuminant 1x Standard-Bulb E27/100W

Energy efficency grade F  

Energy class This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes: A-F

Other Features 110V capable 220-240V capable


Polished, painted or chromed die-cast aluminium body; painted die-cast aluminium wall fitting
Painted steel or aluminium reflectors; moulded prism glass diffuser, bayonet system diffuser mounting

Size Description

Depth: 9.5cm
Diameter: 27cm

  • Dante Donegani & Giovanni Lauda

    Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda are architecture graduates from the University of Florence and the University of Naples. Donegani worked at Olivetti’s from 1987 to 1991. In 1992, both architects came together to open the “Studio D&L” which focused on architecture and interior design. They created objects from companies such as ViceVersa, Rotaliana and Luceplan. Donegani and Lauda have won several architectural competitions.
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