Rotaliana Multipot
  • Rotaliana Multipot
  • Rotaliana Multipot
  • Rotaliana Multipot
  • Rotaliana Multipot
  • Rotaliana Multipot

Rotaliana Multipot Transparent 220v

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Rotaliana Multipot, MultiPot, designed by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda, belongs to a new generation of lighting objects and is the first of our Rotaliana products to combine lighting with other functions.

  • MultiPot is a hybrid, multifunctional lamp, which combines a LED ambient light, a Multisocket, and a lower, vase-shaped, containing space to tidy away any extra cabling.
  • MultiPot achieves new convenience standards, both in the home and at work, by respecting both the old traditional requirements (for example somewhere to put keys or other personal objects when emptying one’s pocket) with new needs for space (such as the ever-increasing use of rechargeable multi media equipment, bringing the computer home).
  • MultiPot design takes the form of a vase, the archetypal ‘container’ (to contain the light, cables, sockets, objects, etc). With its familiar looks, lighting function and translucent finish (to filter the light while masking the electric cables)
  • The MultiPot is a picture of elegance with functionality.
  • MultiPot is a useful ad decorative tool, which helps to manage the profusion of electric and electronic equipment in a way that is both safe and practical.
  • Now also available in the 110V US version.

Made of high grade plastic.

Size Description

Height 19 cm (7.4″)
Diameter 23.5 cm (9.2″)
Length cable 1.9 m (741″)

  • Dante Donegani

    Born in Pinzolo (province of Trento) in 1957. Dante Donegani gained a degree in architecture in Florence in 1983. From 1987 to 1991 he worked in the Olivetti Corporate Identity department. Since 1991 he has been the director of the master's program in design at the Domus Academy in Milan. In 1992 he opened the D&L Studio together with Giovanni Lauda. He has designed layouts for art exhibitions, corporate identity projects, and products for a number of companies that include Memphis, Stildomus, Isuz, Steel and Luceplan, Le Cose Nostre, Edra, Radice and Viceversa. Dante Donegani has won important competitions in architecture, and his work have been displayed in numerous exhibitions. In 2001 he was responsible for setting up the "home" section of the exhibition entitled "Italy and Japan: Design as Lifestyle". .
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