• Rotaliana Eden Collection Oak Floor Lamp
  • Rotaliana Eden Collection
  • Rotaliana Eden Collection
  • Rotaliana Eden Collection
  • Rotaliana Eden Collection
  • Rotaliana Eden Collection
  • Rotaliana Eden Collection
  • Rotaliana Eden Collection
  • Rotaliana Eden Collection
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Rotaliana Eden Collection Oak Floor Lamp

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  • Giallo Girasole
  • Verde Germoglio
  • Grigio Fumo
  • Ruggine
  • Verde Muschio
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Eden is a family of floor lamps. Large soft soundproof leaves, to which a Led lamp is attached magnetically. An imaginative vegetation, like the one found in the paintings of Rousseau Le Douanier: “musa paradisiaca”, the tree of paradise, Adam’s fig, that is what the banana tree was called in the olden days; the oak tree, sacred to Zeus; the alocasia, similar to an elephant’s ear. A small domestic garden of Eden, a space of beauty and well–being created by the shielded light and by the acoustic qualities of the leaves.

The liveability of an environment derives in large part from an invisible element, namely its acoustics, which, perhaps because of their very nature, are often neglected. Reverberations and noises can disturb a conversation, hinder concentration and relaxation, arouse unpleasant feelings and even have harmful effects on psychophysical wellness. Thanks to its soft padding and distinctive upholstery fabric, Eden adds sound–absorbing properties to its lighting and furnishing functions, improving acoustic comfort and producing the same pleasant feeling of being in a forest that filters sounds through leaves


Led 40 watt 
Kelvin 2700
Lumen 3500
Cri 85
Touch Dimmer 
Sound Absorbing
Class A++, A+, A

Size Description

Height 180cm
Diameter base 36cm

  • Dante Donegani & Giovanni Lauda

    Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda are architecture graduates from the University of Florence and the University of Naples. Donegani worked at Olivetti’s from 1987 to 1991. In 1992, both architects came together to open the “Studio D&L” which focused on architecture and interior design. They created objects from companies such as ViceVersa, Rotaliana and Luceplan. Donegani and Lauda have won several architectural competitions.
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