Rex Kralj Rex Lounge Chair
  • Rex Kralj Rex Lounge Chair
  • Rex Kralj Rex Lounge Chair

Rex Kralj Rex Lounge Chair

Designer: Niko Kralj
Availability if not in stock 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Black beechwood
  • Natural Oak
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Designed in 1952, Rex Lounge Chair is much more than just a folding wooden chair. It is a work of art whose timeless form offers maximum comfort.

Its clean minimalistic design and contemporary elegance takes full account of ergonomics and fits the body perfectly.

Its chameleon-like nature allows it to fit anywhere and appeal to each and every personality.

Each piece can easily transform from a decorative collector’s item into comfortable folding piece of furniture.


Oak, Black or natural

Size Description

Width 58cm
Length 68cm
Height 74cm

  • Niko Kralj

    Niko Kralj was born in 1920. Even as a kid he showed great interest in acquiring new knowledge. His excellent grades in school and passion for design led him to the Faculty of Architecture, where he became a model student and a demonstrator and later on even one of the most respected professors. His forward-thinking inventions and an eye for useful, but stylish solutions put him on a pedestal. He has become one of the most renown legends of timeless and minimalistic design.
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