Rex Krajl 445 Chair
  • Rex Krajl 445 Chair
  • Rex Krajl 445 Chair
  • Rex Krajl 445 Chair
  • Rex Krajl 445 Chair

Rex Krajl 4455 Chair

Designer: Niko Kralj
Availability if not in stock 2 to 3 weeks.
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As the name suggests this chair was born in 1955 and is our first product with bend solid wood (beck rest). Since it is stackable, light, durable and offers a wide rage of options in colors and materials it is primarily predetermined for contract business.

“Designed to accentuate the graciousness and essential nature of always dashing materials, this stackable chair works like a charm in every ambience."


Metal frame, plywood seating part and solid bended oak wood back rest (black)

Size Description

Width: 57cm
Length 52cm
Height: 74cm

  • Niko Kralj

    Niko Kralj was born in 1920. Even as a kid he showed great interest in acquiring new knowledge. His excellent grades in school and passion for design led him to the Faculty of Architecture, where he became a model student and a demonstrator and later on even one of the most respected professors. His forward-thinking inventions and an eye for useful, but stylish solutions put him on a pedestal. He has become one of the most renown legends of timeless and minimalistic design.
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