Qlocktwo Creator's Edition Silver & Gold
  • Qlocktwo Creator's Edition Silver & Gold

Qlocktwo Creator's Edition Silver & Gold

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The success of the unique QLOCKTWO® CREATOR‘S EDITION collection is complemented by the introduction of the newest design: SILVER & GOLD.
The handcrafted techniques typical of the CREATOR’S EDITION lines ensures that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. The SILVER & GOLD is no exception with its hand-applied white gold leaves, further enhanced by an intricate patination process.

Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk explain:
 "With its front made of patinated white gold featuring an alloy consisting of silver and gold (12 carat) in equal parts, it pays tribute to its origins and our hometown – Schwaebisch Gmuend – a historic town which made a name for itself as “The Gold and Silver Town” due to the predominance of silver and gold craftsmanship,". Depending on the perspective and lighting conditions, the front unfolds its warm, shimmering golden charm resembling ancient artefacts. 

The QLOCKTWO® CREATOR’S EDITION SILVER & GOLD will initially be launched in a limited series of 300 pieces only, available in size CLASSIC (45 x 45 cm) in more than 20 languages.

The words on the clock face change every five minutes. In each corner, light points represent the minutes in between with radio controlled precision. Example: 7.17am


Replaceable front: front cover COPPER – stainless steel, copper-coated

Body: wood, four layers of lack

220V 2W Led

Size Description

Length 45 cm
Height 45 cm
Deep 2 cm

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