Qeeboo Giraffe in Love Wall Lamp
  • Qeeboo Giraffe in Love Wall Lamp
  • Qeeboo Giraffe in Love Wall Lamp
  • Qeeboo Giraffe in Love Wall Lamp
  • Qeeboo Giraffe in Love Wall Lamp
  • Qeeboo Giraffe in Love Wall Lamp

Qeeboo Giraffe in Love Wall Lamp

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"Giraffe in love" is the new product born from the collaboration between artist/designer Marcantonio and Qeeboo. It is a dreamy giraffe holding a classic Marie-Therese style chandelier. “Giraffe in love” represents irony and lightness: the giraffe is in love but she does not know it yet because her heart is far from her head and she lives love light-heartedly.

GIRAFFE IN LOVE WALL LAMP - Applique The Neck “Giraffe in love” is a wall version (173 cm) that allows bringing the same harmony in living spaces The wall lamp indoor version of the Marcantonio "Giraffe in love", it holds a Maria-Theresa chandelier in its mouth and it is designed to enlight indoor spaces with magic and harmony


Fiber glass


Size Description

Width 60cm
Depth 124cm
Height 173 cm

  • Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

    Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba was born in 1976 in Massalombarda, Italy. He attended the Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts.
Just graduated he begins to work in the theater scene and collaborating with architects on projects. Soon he begins to create unique pieces of design in parallel with a production of art, but step by step the two careers are beginning to become contaminated. So its design is enriched with artistic concepts. For over 10 years he worked for private or local public realizes. Connections between Man and Nature are his favourite theme; interpreting both dynamics and beauties of nature; showing the Man's attitude affecting the original. He loves thinking about his work as a direct continuation of what he used to do when he was a child, playing with everything he finds, and create what his mind imagined. Actually ,looking for the aesthetic component and concept, takes ideas from the same sources he created while playing, daydreaming with everything normally surrounds him. He learned from Art how an idea could be elegant, that's why he's always looking for pure concepts and summary. 
"I never give up irony; irony is a serious matter. If a good idea is even fun, I cannot resist to realize it" 
 - See more at: http://www.marama.it/bio#sthash.QvNtrY96.dpuf
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