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Magis Pingy

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Magis Pingy by Eero Aarnio. The finnish designer Eero Aarnio is back for kids with Pingy, the little pinguin he designed for Magis Collection Me Too.

  • The shape of the head and the profile with the cute beak have the right proportions and the eyes have the realistic almond shape characteristic to penguin chicks.
  • This little penguin has perhaps had a little too much to eat and therefore has the round belly, but this particular rotund shape allows it to mimic the realistic waddling movement, which makes it so lovable and cute. Pingy can be used indoor or outdoor.

Material Information
Produced in tough rotationally moulded, hollow plastic

Size Description

Size Information
Height 70 cm (27.6")
Width 67 cm (26.4")
Deep 40 cm (15.7")

  • Eero Aarnio

    Eero Aarnio was born in 1932 in Finland, where he studied from 1954 to 1957 at the Institute of Industrial Arts in Helsinki. In 1962 he opened his own office as an interior and industrial designer where he began to pursue his pioneering use of plastics in his furniture design. Unencumbered by the limitations of conventional materials, Aarnio was free to let his creative vision run free, producing shapes and colors never before seen in modern furniture design. His work including the Bubble Chair, Pony Chair, Pastil Chair, and Ball Chair have rightfully taken on the stature and right to be called Modern Classics.
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