Petite Friture Unseen Wall Lamp
  • Petite Friture Unseen Wall Lamp
  • Petite Friture Unseen Wall Lamp
  • Petite Friture Unseen Wall Lamp

Petite Friture Unseen Wall Lamp

Designer: Studiopepe
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To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Petite Friture initiates a new collaboration with the talented duo of female designers from Milan Studio Pepe. "We want to preserve the idea that light is pure through the modern techniques we employ in our design. The manufacturing of the piece proved to be very trying because of the technical difficulties of the light.

We sought to recreate the classic neon light, but with LED technology.” Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara di Pinto. Light is taken to new heights and reaches a form of pureness that is expressed through the authentic neon-like rendition.

The pieces are overlaid with brass, a noble material for a delicate final touch.


Materials LED, silicone, polycarbonate, brass, painted steel

Integrated LED system, dimmable 660 lumens - 7,6 watt 2700°K

Kindly note that this product is CE-approved only and should only be used in countries that follow and accept this standard. If it is used elsewhere it will be at the customer's sole risk, responsibility and liability.

Size Description

Ø :34,4cm |13.54 inch
W : 7cm | 2,75 inch

  • Studiopepe

    STUDIOPEPE is a design studio founded in Milan in 2006. We take a visionary and multidisciplinary approach to interior design, creative consultancy, styling and set design. Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, founders and creative directors of Studiopepe, are both graduates from the Politecnico di Milano. Beginning from solid interior design experience and the strong emotional value of our eclectic design research, Studiopepe has carried out styling projects and iconographic shoot concepts for major international magazines. For each client Studiopepe develops a made-to-measure approach based on observation, analysis, and intuition, taking care over every aspect of the project: from developing the image to advising on the concept and catalog style, and designing showrooms, site-specific installations, and design events. “Our philosophy is based on a conceptual approach inspired by the unexpected, and on an extensive iconographic and visionary background, generating results that are unique of their kind. Our attention to details, and the emotion they can generate in people, is fundamental in our projects.”
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