Petite Friture Neotenic Table Lamp Large
  • Petite Friture Neotenic Table Lamp Large
  • Petite Friture Neotenic Table Lamp Large

Petite Friture Neotenic Table Lamp Large

Designer: Jumbo
Availability if not in stock approximate 3 to 4 weeks.
Color: *
  • Cherry
  • Vermillion
  • Vanilla
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Small table lamp Neotenic is a collection of table lamps that blossomed out of Petite Friture's first collaboration with American design studio Jumbo. Inspired by comforting childhood aesthetics, Neotenic flaunts generous, organic lines. The lamp's base is shaped like corkscrew cavatappi pasta. The lamp is available in are perfectly in line with Petite Friture's chromatic identity and suggest a simplified portrayal of an aubergine and tomato sauce. Beyond it's pop, sculptural look, the Neotenic table lamp is also technique-driven. The quality of the light it produces is simultaneously pleasant, homogenous and powerful. The lamp's stand is manufactured by ceramists in Portugal and the stand's curvature requires a meticulous manual finishing and undergoes a counter-gravitational drying process. Read more


Ceramic and glass

Size Description

L: 34 cm | 13.4 inch H: 51 cm | 20.1 inch ⌀ TOP : 25 cm | 9.9 inch
Weight: 6,6 kg | 13.12 lb

  • Jumbo

    <p>Jumbo is a lighthearted design practice founded by old friends — Justin Donnelly and Monling Lee. Together, they produce objects and environments that are guided by an ongoing interest in reductivism and whimsy. As a result, Jumbo’s projects are both technical in execution and joyful in approach. The studio is a champion of “affective” design, focusing on forms, materials, and colors that delight. Justin Donnelly is the Creative Director at Jumbo. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University and studied Architecture at Columbia University. His objects have been exhibited at Nomad Circle, Salone Mobile, Stockholm Furniture Fair, Chamber Gallery, ICFF, and WantedDesign. He has published design thinking in Disegno Magazine and New York Magazine.</p> <p>Justin’s current design projects include a large wastewater treatment plant in Alexandria, Virginia. He lives and works in a sunny studio on a treelined street in Brooklyn, NY Monling Lee is the Art Director at Jumbo. Prior to co-founding the design studio, Monling worked as an architectural and urban designer on projects that range from private residences to urban parks and memorials. At the same time, her solo project,, documented the intersection of personal style and the built environment through the lens of color. Her unique art direction garnered partnerships with international brands and was featured in Refinery 29, Coveteur, Elle, Marie Claire, and the Washington Post. As the Art Director at Jumbo, Monling continues to explore emotive forms, compelling colors, and tactile materials.</p>
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