Northern Mim Broom
  • Northern Mim Broom
  • Northern Mim Broom
  • Northern Mim Broom
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Designer: Vera&Kyte
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‘Brooms are coming out of the closet and making a beautiful addition to the décor.’

As urban dwellers look for simpler lifestyles, the humble broom is being rediscovered as an essential household tool. That’s why we’ve redesigned this classic object in a contemporary style, giving it a fresh update for modern interiors. The designers replaced rustic, handcrafted features with sleek geometric parts and sturdy bristles coloured in yellow or black. A nylon cord in the top of the shaft loops over the round aluminium peg provided with each product. As Mim adds a little everyday magic to outdoor spaces, the dirt just disappears.



Outdoor broom

Material body: Anodized aluminium

Colour body: Black Colour brush and hanging loop: Black or light yellow


Size Description

Length: 147 cm, Ø: 15 cm
Net weight: 1.1 kg

  • Vera&Kyte

    Our design studio is always seeking new impressions, eager to discover the trigger for our next idea. This curious approach leads us to constantly explore new materials and aesthetics in all our projects ranging from objects to spatial design. Applying an analytical approach we seek to transform our curiosity into products that will engage you. Through our work we hope to share our genuine enthusiasm for design! Located on the west coast of Norway Vera & Kyte consists of Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte. Together we work within the fields of furniture, products and interior architecture.
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