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  • Normann Copenhagen Tap Stool
  • Normann Copenhagen Tap Stool

Normann Copenhagen Tap Stool Oak

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It has three molded legs and a round seat. It can be used as extra seating and is easily stackable. We all know it well; the archetypal three-legged stool. Nearly everyone has had a variation of it in their home at some point in their lives but often its design is taken for granted.

Precisely the rethinking of something as simple as a stool was the starting point for Normann Copenhagen's Tap Stool. Slightly hard foam has been used for the seat, which, like rubber, has a flexible, sealed surface.

This makes Tap dirt-resistant, durable and easy to clean.

The moulded seat ensures good seating comfort and provides the stool with the same welcoming warmth known from upholstered furniture.

The three legs have an integrated transition to the seat. This gives Tap the appearance of a unified whole, even when seen from the side. Use it as an extra seat or to rest your feet on when tired


Seat: PUR Foam, Legs: Oak Veneer

Size Description

Height: 43 cm
Diameter: 41 cm

  • Simon Legald

    Simon Legald (born 1986) is a Danish product designer located in Copenhagen. He graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. Works with both small- and large scale products. For me honesty describes the true identity of objects. By highlighting the techniques necessary for the structure of the product, and making it a visual part of my design. Therefor I design with both craftsmanship and industry in mind.
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