Normann Copenhagen Lust Mirror Large
  • Normann Copenhagen Lust Mirror Large
  • Normann Copenhagen Lust Mirror Large
  • Normann Copenhagen Lust Mirror Large
  • Normann Copenhagen Lust Mirrors

Normann Copenhagen Lust Mirror Large

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Adorn your walls with geometric figures and reflections in sparkly colours. Lust is a collection of decorative wall mirrors, designed by Simon Legald.

The coloured mirrors can be combined to form a seductive wall decoration that beautifully reflects the room around it. Inspired by coloured leaded windows, Simon Legald has created the Lust wall mirrors.

The stately glass patterns of the old windows have been translated into simple geometric shapes and coloured mirror glass in gemstone shades. The mirrors are framed by a classical oak profile, which contributes with a natural softness against the hard blank glass.

The Lust series consists of mirrors in three sizes that can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The small Lust mirror comes with reflective glass in silver or purple, the medium one in red or gold while the large one has glass in blue or green. Mix the various shapes and colours to make a colourful mosaic of mirrors.


Glass mirror, oak frame

Size Description

Height 80cm
Length 55cm
Depth 2.5cm





  • Simon Legald

    Simon Legald (born 1986) is a Danish product designer located in Copenhagen. He graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. Works with both small- and large scale products. For me honesty describes the true identity of objects. By highlighting the techniques necessary for the structure of the product, and making it a visual part of my design. Therefor I design with both craftsmanship and industry in mind.
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