Normann Copenahgen Bubba Ceiling Lamp
  • Normann Copenahgen Bubba
  • Normann Copenahgen Bubba Ceiling/Wall  Lamp
  • Normann Copenahgen Bubba Ceiling/Wall  Lamp
  • Normann Copenahgen Bubba Ceiling Lamp

Normann Copenahgen Bubba Ceiling Lamp

Designer: Yuchen Wu
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Bubba Lamp is an elegant and characterful lighting collection inspired by soap bubbles and the way they float into each other, forming intricate bubble clusters. Bubba is crafted from etched opal glass and comes as a pendant lamp in two different sizes, a large ceiling lamp and a smaller lamp ideal for both wall and ceiling surfaces.


Materials: Glass, Aluminum, Steel

EU E14 Ø45 2W bulbs (LED) recommended.

EU E27 Ø60 8W bulbs (LED) recommended

Size Description

H: 28 x Ø: 25 cm1,4 kg
H: 45 x Ø: 42 cm 2,9 kg

  • Yuchen Wu

    <p>Yuchen's upbringing in the picturesque countryside of Taiwan, surrounded by natural beauty such as the sea and mountains, has become a significant source of inspiration in her design work. She has had a lifelong passion for art and design, and pursued design studies with the goal of creating items that enrich people's lives. After completing her studies, Yuchen worked at a design studio in Taiwan, where she was exposed to diverse design projects. It was during this time that she discovered her calling in furniture and accessory design. In pursuit of gaining international design experience, Yuchen decided to explore the industry abroad and eventually landed in Denmark, where she now works as an in-house designer at Normann Copenhagen. Yuchen's design philosophy is centered around achieving a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality. Her aim is to create designs that are not only practical for everyday use but also imbued with beauty and poeticism. To achieve this, she begins her design process by weaving a story into the idea and then focusing on the technical aspects. Furthermore, Yuchen prioritizes sustainability in her design process and seeks sustainable solutions to the challenges she encounters. Yuchen’s inspiration stems from her observations of people's interaction with design in everyday life, public furniture design, and vintage designs, which she reinterprets to create modern versions that are relevant to contemporary life.</p>
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