• Nomon Punto Y Coma Clock
  • Nomon Punto Y Coma Clock

Nomon Punto Y Coma Clock Gold Walnut Sale

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Wall clock that reinterprets the classic pendulum clock finished in chrome steel.

Designed by the Spanish JosŽ Mar’a Reina, its design represents the elegant and classic forms of the well-known pendulum clock but with a modern minimalist touch and a unique design. Did you ever think that these qualities could be combined so well? This model is designed for those who like unique and practical designs.

It has a length of 113 cm and was assembled by hand so you can see the passion that has been impregnated into the design.
The hands of the clock have a pendular shape instead of the linear hands providing similarity to the pendulum of the barilla that is based. Its components are made of polished steel with the exception of the case and the pendulum made of chromed steel.

On the other hand, its installation is very simple since it can be hung on the wall using an anchor bolt. One of the most striking aspects of the Nomo semicolon clock is that it mixes these two materials and makes them look elegant and the fact of not having a hoop makes it even more interesting.

Its mechanism is completely silent so you won't have to worry about the sound of needles can hang on walls and even walls due to its stylized silhouette. It doesn't need electrical connections because it uses the German UTS mechanism and as for decoration there are no limits.

Use it at home or in the office regardless of whether the decoration of the room is modern Nordic style with brightly colored decorations or a more monochromatic one. You can place it right in the center of the wall that is at the bottom of the entrance to the room and that way your visitors will have a complete view of the great wall clock that you have acquired. Would you rather place it in a corner? That wouldn«t be a problem either because the truth is that its design is beautiful and attracts a lot of attention.


  • Jose Maria Reina

    José María Reina (Utrera, Sevilla 1951 – Barcelona 2016) versatile and self taught designer. He belongs to the generation that promoted Barcelona as city of reference in the industrial design field. His multi disciplinary work in the furniture and jewelry design areas, led him to fusing both projects together, creating a new clock concept. These clocks have a renewed aesthetics reflected both in its shapes as in its materials.
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