Nomon Mini Bilbao G Clock
  • Nomon Mini Bilbao G Clock
  • Nomon Mini Bilbao G Clock
  • Nomon Mini Bilbao G Clock
  • Nomon Mini Bilbao G Clock
  • Nomon Mini Bilbao Clock

Nomon Mini Bilbao G Clock

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Smart wall clock in the miniature version of the Bilbao clock. The regular version of this clock design measures about 100 cm in diameter while it's reduced version measures just 70 cm in tota.l Despite being a smaller size it's still considered medium to large.

This clock is perfect if you like the design and style of the Bilbao clock but prefer a reduced version to place on your wall. The Nomon Mini Bilbao Clock stands out for a light circle that refines the shape of the accessory. The use of fine and delicate lines allows a simple and minimalist design that doesn't recharge the view. This version has this ring in black made of walnut and lacquered with paint. Wall clock that has small wooden reinforcers along the clock to allow a good grip on the wall.

They also serve as a reference to see the time easier. Black fiber ring with walnut needles and polished brass case.


Box Polished brass
Clock Hands Walnut wood
Ring Black fiberglass.

Size Description

Ø Diameter 77 cm.
Height 92 cm.

  • Jose Maria Reina

    José María Reina (Utrera, Sevilla 1951 – Barcelona 2016) versatile and self taught designer. He belongs to the generation that promoted Barcelona as city of reference in the industrial design field. His multi disciplinary work in the furniture and jewelry design areas, led him to fusing both projects together, creating a new clock concept. These clocks have a renewed aesthetics reflected both in its shapes as in its materials.
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