Nomon Barcelona Clock
  • Nomon Barcelona Clock
  • Nomon Barcelona Clock
  • Nomon Barcelona Clock
  • Nomon Barcelona Clock
  • Nomon Barcelona Clock

Nomon Barcelona Clock

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Barcelona Nomon large wall clock, a design clock with two large rings and hands in natural walnut. The clock, with a minimalist design has a large diameter of 90 cm. A clock easy to install on a single point on the wall. This clock can decorate a room, the hotel reception or waiting room of a train station or an airport.

Nomon designs and create visually stunning pieces, where the clock ceases to be a mere accessory and becomes the protagonist, decorating the walls of homes, offices, receptions and all kinds of facilities.

Creativity, design and technology are the three main principles that mark their products. The result is original clocks of avant-garde design and high quality, produced in a handmade fashion using innovative techniques.


Collection Lacquered wood
Box Walnut wood
Hands Black lacquered walnut wood.
Circle Black or white fiberglass.

Size Description

Ø Diameter 90 cm.
Height 100 cm.

  • Jose Maria Reina

    José María Reina (Utrera, Sevilla 1951 – Barcelona 2016) versatile and self taught designer. He belongs to the generation that promoted Barcelona as city of reference in the industrial design field. His multi disciplinary work in the furniture and jewelry design areas, led him to fusing both projects together, creating a new clock concept. These clocks have a renewed aesthetics reflected both in its shapes as in its materials.
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