Nemo Allegro Battery Lamp
  • Nemo Allegro Battery Lamp

Nemo Allegro Battery Lamp

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New paradigm in the world of battery-powered lighting. Allegro, as never before, meets the demand of robust architectural lighting, powered by a high-performance battery combined with equally sophisticated electronic control gear. A die-cast aluminium body with a recessed optic for a total eye-comfort and versatile applications, both as a floor and as a table lamp. A new instrument, resulting from a significant technological lighting research.



110-230V 5,5W LED spot 480lm 10° 90 dim push on board 2700K black

Black matte/glossy, USB-C input (5V), charger and wire included, rechargeable, 10 hours battery life, 6 hours charge time (light off)

Kindly note that this product is CE-approved only and should only be used in countries that follow and accept this standard. If it is used elsewhere it will be at the customer's sole risk, responsibility and liability.

Size Description

Height 20cm
Diameter 20,2cm

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