Moustache Strix Carpet
  • Moustache Strix Carpet
  • Moustache Strix Carpet

Moustache Strix Rug

Designer: Marc Venot
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What is more mysterious than an owl's face ? Strix is a tribute to these fantastic and beautiful birds and a lucky charm rug.

From a long process of drawing with chinese ink, this work leads to a hand tufted carpet made of high quality wool.


Hand tufted 100% wool

Made in India

  • Marc Venot

    Marc Venot After graduating with a degree in Math and Physics from Jussieu University, Paris, Marc Venot went on to study Industrial Design at the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle. He graduated in 2004 and worked for six years at a design agency before opening his own design studio in 2011. Marc Venot is fascinated by how objects are made and how they work. When starting a new project he always takes his starting point in an object’s use and gestures, using his background in Math and Physics as active elements throughout his work.
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