• Mooi Flock Of Light Pendant
  • Mooi Flock Of Light Pendant

Moooi Flock Of Light Pendant

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Flock of Light, by Studio Toer, transforms from a light and airy artistic design piece at daytime, to a swarm of bright lights at night. Flock of Light comes in two sizes: 11 and 21, after the number of light sources. Both sizes are made from brass cups, bronze wires and semi-transparent polycarbonate diffusers. This suspension lamp brings a bright, warm and poetic glow right after dark. A Flock of Light captured in stillness


Material Brass, bronze.
Lamp type LED 2700K

Size Description

Model 11 Width 80cm Height. 65cm| Depth. 65 cm.
Model 21 Width 135cm Height 85 cm Depth 86cm

  • Studio Toer

    <p>Studio Toer is a Dutch multidisciplinary design collective with a strong exploratory and experimental approach. Founded in 2011 by Castor Bours (1984) and Wouter Widdershoven (1986); their work push both the technical and aesthetic limits of design within the world of applied arts. They create innovative light objects &amp; installations and interactive experiences. Evolutionary elements and a suggestion of movement are ever-present in all of their projects.</p>
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