Moooi Carbon Stool
  • Moooi Carbon Stool
  • Moooi Carbon Stool
  • Moooi Carbon Stool

Moooi Carbon Stool

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A taller relative of the Carbon Chair, the Carbon Barstool embodies the same passion for craftsmanship, but literally takes it to another level… Lean and light, it’s the ideal stool to move with you.

Whether in your own kitchen or at the pub, the Carbon Barstool always gives you “a lift” to the nearest bar.


Made of epoxy and carbon.

Size Description

Height 83cm or 92cm

  • Bertjan Pot

    <p>Bertjan Pot was born in 1975 in the Netherlands. He focuses in the material and production processes. He likes to use computer aesthetics and industrial production methods, but without actually using a computer or sometimes even the industrial production method as a design tool. Almost all of his designs come from experiments in materials. He believes, ?that the way a product feels is just as important as the way it looks”. In many of his products such as the Carbon Chair, the Random Light, the Random Chair and the Knitted lamp, the skin or material of the product becomes the actual product. Many of his products are self-initiated because he feels that a product just needs to be made, but others are commissioned by companies. Some of his clients include; Pallucco, Domestic, Moooi, Arco, Van Vilt, and Goods.</p>
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