Moooi Bumblebee II - In The Meadow Collection - Carpet

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The carpets of Emma Larsson’s In The Meadow collection are inspired by the never-ending wonders of nature. With whimsical and abstract shapes, the carpets depict mesmerising worlds of aquarelle art. The bright and soft colours are an ode to nature’s variety. In The Meadow is Emma Larsson’s contribution to bringing nature indoors, into your space, like ink in water.

The intensity of colours creates density while maintaining that ethereal feel. Every day we are surrounded by an endless variety of colours, shapes, textures, and patterns. Every living moment our senses are treated with a beauty only nature can give us. And it gives us everything. It gives us scents and smells that keep us going or calm us down. Spectacular colours that fill our hearts and minds with hope and lightness. Textures and patterns that amaze and trick us. For artists and designers, nature is an endless source of inspiration. It has been so for centuries, and hopefully it will be for the next centuries.

Nature is to be coveted and cherished, for it is as close as magic we will ever experience. In The Meadow, by Emma Larsson, reveals an ethereal world of abstract aquarelle shapes. Inspired by the beauty that nature surrounds us with every day. Inspired by nature’s endless variations of colours, shapes, patterns, and textures. Nature surrounds us when we’re outside, but with In The Meadow, you can bring the magical beauty of nature inside. Whimsical and abstract shapes in bright and soft colours to mesmerise every onlooker. In The Meadow is a collection of carpets that all bear the signature aquarelle-style artwork of artist & designer Emma Larsson.

Her contribution to bringing the beauty of nature inside.


Soft Yarn, wool or polyamide

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150 x 250cm
200 x 264cm
300 x 400cm

  • Emma Larson

    <p>Emma Larsson is a Stockholm-based artist and illustrator born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1977. Since her teenage years, she has had her own art studio. Her work strikes the balance between colourful ...</p>
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