Moooi Blushing Sloth Carpet
  • Moooi Blushing Sloth Carpet

Moooi Blushing Sloth Carpet

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Extinct Animal Rug by Moooi 

Different textures and shades of colours characterize this rug that takes inspiration from the Blushing Sloth’s fur, which englobes an entire universe of creatures and algae.

A pale green glow stands out among shrubs of white fur, rough dark valleys and mysterious shadows. Earthy and multi-textured, this carpet is a rectangular example of a world within a world.

Extinct Animal Collection A collection of 10 beautiful carpets bring some Extinct animals back into our lives, untamed and beautiful and printed on extremely soft and comfy material.


Polyamide, wool or soft yarn

Size Description

Dimension: 200 x 300 cm | 78.7 x 118.1″

  • Christian Lacroix

    Christian Lacroix was born in 1951 in Trinquetaille, France. As a child Lacroix, like innumerable other young fashion designers, had a knack for the art. Lacroix loved to sketch famous dresses and menswear from history. Lacroix attended the University of Montpellier, presumably studying Art History. He continued his studies at the world-renowned Sorbonne in Paris, where he completed a dissertation on 18th-century French art. The budding art historian also pursued a degree in museum studies at France’s Louvre Museum. Lacroix’s young maturation was unusual for its intellectuality and emphasis on art history.
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